KUZA, Victoria Park

On a lazy Thursday, I traversed one of Perth’s two asian food hubs with A and S (Australia) for one of the new restaurants on the menu.  Vic Park has seen a plethora of good asian eateries - usually budget, but some more upscale - cater for the growing inner city neighbourhood and throng of international students. Outside of William St, Northbridge, it’s the hub for east asian food. 

KUZA is on the upper end of the price range for the Albany Hwy strip.  With an imported Japanese beer, dinner at this urban Japanese inspired bistro will set you back somewhere in the range of $30-40 a head.  

The location is funky. The kitchen is open and dim lighting reveals graffiti on the walls.  KUZA is best described as fusion asian tapas.  Small sharing plates mixing the east and west, with a predominance for Japanese flavours. The gyoza (picture) and pork belly were clear highlights, and the sashimi is fresh.

If you want a mountain of food to fill a gluttonous stomach, it isn’t the place to go. For an interesting take on Japanese cuisine and for something just breaking out onto the Perth scene, it’s a good choice.  Service is friendly, but the prices are a bit high for the experience as a whole.


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